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How is 2023 going to be?

This year I am going to make some changes for my art business to make sure I can keep growing and creating new art for you. I am working on streamlining my creation process, slow down how much I create at at time and start to create some consistency in my art releases.

Artist is holding a block of charcoal in her hand shading the neck of a horse on paper.

Last year was far from what I had planned. By April, I was excited to be at home with the kids full-time before my whole world got turned upside down in a matter of days. My husband ended up being hospitalized due to medical issues that eventually resolved by July, while our son broke his arm right after - adding an extra layer of stress on top. Then came finding out about a new baby...only for us to lose it soon afterwards in May; so instead of creating art as planned, family took precedence over everything else during this difficult season.

Despite all the hustle and bustle of spring, summer, and fall, I finally got a chance to catch my breath in October. In the midst of 2022’s whirlwind year so far, my business had three launches - an online T-shirt shop back in February, the Western Spirit Series in August, followed by the print shop in November. As soon as I finished, it was only natural for me to step away from things during the holidays since plans were subject to constant change; while taking some much needed family time, I took stock on what kind of business direction I truly wanted plus how modifications could be made moving forward.

Between keeping up with the family and juggling creative projects, life can be overwhelming. I'm all too familiar with that feeling of wanting to start a new project or activity as soon as inspiration strikes - but then there's not always enough time. With my household living under one roof more than most households (due to homeschooling & working from home), it seemed like art-time for me was constantly getting bumped for other priorities.

So I’m switching things up and setting some boundaries for myself so that I can keep growing as an artist - First off by giving you a consistent monthly release of one new art piece along with prints. Commission spots will have limited availability each month too - I would love to collaborate! Putting these boundaries in place will allow me to able to grow and explore different styles to bring into my art.

I am excited for this upcoming year and to start it off, January 23rd is when the first art piece will launch.


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