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The Western Spirit Series - The Inspiration

Western Spirit Series Watercolor Painting

As a child, I was fascinated by stories of the American West. I loved the idea of cowboys and wide open spaces. My fascination carried into adulthood, and the Western Spirit Series is my attempt to capture the essence of the rugged individualism that characterizes the cowboy lifestyle.

There's something about the cowboy lifestyle that is appealing. Maybe it's the romantic notion of living off the land, or maybe it's the sense of freedom that comes with being your own boss.

Whatever the reason, there's no denying that there's a certain appeal to the western way of life.

When I started working on this series, I knew that I wanted to capture that sense of rugged individualism in my paintings. I also wanted to use more muted fall tones, as well as richer deep tones to create a certain feeling of nostalgia.

Another big inspiration for this series was my love of horses. I grew up around horses and have always been fascinated by them. I love watching them work and seeing them in their element.

Included in this series are paintings of cowboys roping calves and riding through brush country. I wanted to capture the roughness of the textures in each painting—the mountains, saddles, ropes— the movement and tension of the horse in "Calf Roping," and the vastness and contrast of light in “Mountain Ride with Dusty”

The Western Spirit Series is my attempt to capture the essence of America's Wild West heritage. These paintings are inspired by my love of horses and my fascination with the cowboy lifestyle. If you're looking for a piece of art that captures the spirit of Americana, then look no further than the Western Spirit Series.

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